Consecutively since 22 days Curfew continues in JAMMU & Kashmir

People starving to death without food, medical support & medicine, complete breakdown, no Internet, no phone, no telex/fax, no media coverage, no TV & Radio links, not allowed the residents even to say Friday prayers, school college, business & life has come to standstill, people has been kept isolated and confined in their houses.

Unabated Genocides in JAMMU and Kashmir continuing, India not caring the world, the request & concerned remarks given by different Head of States and UNSC resolutions, Pakistan Premier Imran Khan wants to move one step ahead to stop Modi design to crush Muslims there. Imran Khan [Premier Pakistan] already has kept Trump in loop for the rising atrocities and carnage continuing since 21 days, and he is of the view that no more patience as Indian govt seen involved in genocide.

In such a WARN TORN area that has been imposed unilaterally in Indian occupied Kashmir from Indian govt with unending atrocities, barbarity, ferocious and savage act [no doubt] is a killing, strangling and murdering Kashmiri for no reason to wildly and forcefully bury their demand of freedom.

Though US, UK, Russia, France UNSC, OIC, International Human Rights and other seem active, asking Indian govt to end its unilateral revocation of relevant clause giving autonomy to Kashmiri and cease its inhumanity staged in Indian occupied Kashmir but does not see any response from Modi.

His belligerent attitudes nether subsided not any relaxation in straight curfew hours has increased mounting pressure on Kashmir to die peacefully or give up freedom claim.

Imran Khan [the premier Pakistan] requesting head of states to intervene personally to stop carnage in Kashmir.

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