Defeated Team – Pakistan Cricket Team – World cup 2019

The team slackness and immaturity, lassitude & lethargy shows lack of proper professional training and regular practices that indeed should have been continued & uninterrupted till start of match but the team and its coach did not realize its importance and remained busy in gala night.

We noticed that our ”GREEN SHIRTS” seen engaged in Dinning, in High Tea, In Shesha, In Shopping & engrossing with Wife & Kid – Giving impression that they were in Manchester UK on Holiday & Leisure –time, that’s made them disassociated with the actual match spirit, the real task that the nation reposed on them & that feeling should have been felt by every individual of the team in order to achieve their objective to win WORLD CUP 2019?.

Selector of Batting & Fielding & Players selection & Coach all are responsible equally for the defeat that Pakistan encountered while combating with India.

Player selection to smell, if there were any symptoms for any nepotism and favoritism instead choosing & preferring a competent & well proven talented players – the Board, the Executive Board who had no knowledge ABC of cricket must be expelled out to cleanse if there were any politics.

Remove all tested one, the player who did not prove well or their performance could not prove them a legible, capable & effective then pack them off & bring new blood, the rising one who has ability to hit the target instead fostering & spending on a defeated horse.

Take it seriously and constitute a new team for Pakistan Cricket Team…..no more risk.

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