Sindh Government apathy & chilled behavior for ignoring HIV-AIDS in Sindh rural

Khusrhid Shah MNA currently in National Assembly [NA] seen using rough & tough & derogatory languages, very prone to onslaught & stripping off the treasury but has no feeling for his voters living in shocking being inflicted by HIV-AIDS.

His slanderous & denigrating attitude making the things more stinky & quarrelsome, fueling the situation, intensifying it for nothing or for no resolve at all but just criticism on ruling elites.

It looks the job for what Khurshiad Shah was supposed to do in PML-N era he is doing now. In his role as Opposition leader during PML-N era from [2008-2013] he never ever talked acrimoniously with such piercing words that’s he is demonstrating now in NA & in his press conferences.

He always gave PML-N a friendly opposition, did not raise & object or seen involved in cross talks in the assembly but put himself a safe & soft rider like a deaf & dumb person and almost avoided to talk, giving a go ahead silently to then treasury.

What role he played about AIDS ERUPTION IN SINDH, everyone is silent in entire Sindh Assembly, does not seen talking and taking any corrective measure to plug & curb the spread of HIV/AIDS on war footings.

It did not emerge in one night or revealed in 2019 but had been in discussion among local community but no avail or any substantial action seen might have been taken at provincial level by then political leadership whose outcries never heard.

The hardliners had a press conference at the local press accentuating the concern over the emergence of a large number of HIV-positive and AIDS cases [in Sindh], saying that the disease was spreading like wildfire but provincial assembly has no plan to remove such outbreak.

During recent screening of 14,000 people in Ratodero (Larkana district), 534 HIV-positive cases emerged where women and children are victims.

In Hyderabad rural areas 40 people have tested HIV-positive during the screening of 230 people in two villages where 90pc have been preyed to this epidemic.

HIV-positive cases are being reported on a daily basis, considering the prevailing situation in Sindh alarming that in around 40 million population of Sindh, the number of HIV-positive possibility to have in millions, said NGOs in the community.

Even though in 2013 Sindh Assembly had passed the Sindh HIV/AIDS Control Treatment & Protection Bill which was the first legislation in South Asia.

However, under the legislation, government was to establish the Sindh AIDS Commission, comprising representatives from government and other stakeholders including doctors. Among them AIDS awareness campaigns was to conduct, funds dispensation among HIV patients were to ensure but its slackness of the govt. that despite lapse of six years, the Sindh government failed to take steps for the establishment of the commission.

Does it not visible Khurshid Shah that only six AIDS treatment centers were in the province but that too were dysfunctional, even the budget Rs195 billion had been earmarked to the health department but this too remained in debilitated condition.

There is no expertise to attend the HIV positive patients, 300k fake doctors making more people infected because of constant negligence on part of Sind govt. giving free hand to unqualified doctors who pretends & causing to spread & infect more person due to using unsterilized medical equipment

Khurshid Shah instead discussing other thing he must look & raise such critical issue in the parliament at provincial and national level to get rid of such eclipsed that has engulfed Sindh.

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