Karachi is in the grip of Quack, fake and unqualified doctors & untrained nursing staff killing innocent

Hospitals & Clinics in KARACHI are in the grip & stronghold of untrained medical staff who pretends to be a physicians & who dispenses medical advice too.

A bunch of unprofessional, fake doctors, compounders, untrained nursing staffs [male/female] have confined the hospitals & they act as a medical quack or charlatan.

A deceiver, a cheater or trickster who impresses the attendant and behaves like a doctor but they are not a ‘’real doctor’’ but a fraudster. They are regular threat to the community & a curse to the society, said the victims’ family who lost their loved one.

There is a gang of such elements working under the noose of ‘’medical doctors and hospital management’’ who appoints such illiterates to run the clinical works with inexperienced staff on low wage.

The hospital’s management fosters & pampers the growth of such mafia with the aim to save money instead hiring competent & qualified doctors

They hire untrained & unqualified person, most of the hospitals running in Karachi don’t have eligible trained nursing staff but ‘’quack’’ causing loss of human lives.

Quacke­ry is one of the leadin­g causes of increa­sing mortal­ity rates in Pakist­an, says Dr Tipu Sultan­.

They are aggressive & ruthless, killing innocent people & that’s KARACHI encountered last month with 4 consecutive deaths reported in media.

The attendants arrive at the hospital in even and odd hours with their loved ones to treat but back home with the dead body. The consecutive 4 deaths in Karachi, the reason behind this tragedy were dispensing wrong injection by wrong people.

It’s not only the ineptness of medical doctors or hospital management but ineptocracy of Sindh Govt.

Chief Minister Sindh, Health Ministry, Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC), Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner [in Karachi] have failed management where GOVERNANCE from Sindh govt. has been a big question mark?

4th Incident on 27th April 2019 – In Malir, a boy named Hunain 8th moth old toddler passed away due to an allegedly lethal injection.

3rd Incident on 21th April 2019 – Sunday police arrested a ‘’suspected doctor’’ a fraudster – The eight year old girl Saba Noor died allegedly after receiving an injection at his clinic in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal area 13-D.

The parents of the deceased girl in their statements to the police said that their daughter died within minutes after being administered the injection. My daughter had cough and flu, she was administered an injection by a man claiming to be a doctor. Immediately after the injection, her condition deteriorated and she passed away

On the suspect’s advice; the family took the girl to the nearby Al-Mustafa Medical Centre in Gulshan, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The suspect, after questioning the father regarding the girl’s symptoms, wrote down a few medicines on his prescription pad and asked him to procure them from a nearby medical store.

“He injected my daughter and her condition deteriorated within moments. The (suspect) doctor had not even withdrawn the syringe from her arm and she began foaming at the mouth,” the girl’s father shared his agonizing episode with the media.

“Seeing her condition, the [doctor] named Adnan told us to go to another hospital. But she died [before that],” he said.

A case no. 234/19 registered against Dr Adnan at Gulshan-e-Iqbal police station under the Section 322 [murder charges] and Section 319 [unintentional murder] of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on the complaint of Saba’s father, Zafar.

The DSP said that the certificates submitted by the arrested doctor turned out to be fake when checked by the police through the Internet, which would include sections 468 [Forgery for purpose of cheating], 420 [Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property] and 471 [Using as genuine a forged document] in the case.

The detained doctor does not even know the meaning of MBBS, the DSP said. The doctor also holds a bogus medical card of homeopathic doctor, the DSP added.

A local court on Tuesday remanded an alleged quack in judicial custody in a case pertaining to death of an eight-year-old girl Saba Noor at a private clinic in Gulshan-i-Iqbal.

The investigating officer produced the suspect Adnan before a judicial magistrate (East) on expiry of his physical remand in police custody.

Remanding him in judicial custody, the judge directed the IO to submit an investigation report on May 11 and also produce the suspect.

2rd Incident the tragic event occurred on Monday [22nd April 2019] – 9 month-old infant Nashwa was left paralyzed after she was allegedly injected with the wrong dosage of a solution at the Darul Sehat Hospital in Karachi where she passed away

Nashwa an infant girl who suffered brain damage due to negligence of doctors of a hospital in Karachi passed away on Monday after being under treatment for a week.

Nashwa was administered an excessive quantity of potassium chloride by the staff of Darul Sehat Hospital. Due to the overdose, the child suffered brain damage and was shifted to Liaquat National Hospital.

Her father Qaiser, had lodged a case against the hospital under Sections 324, 337 and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code. According to the FIR, Qaiser had taken his twin daughters to Darul Sehat Hospital, where Nashwa was given an excessive dose of potassium chloride through a drip.

Following the injection, Nashwa lips turned blue and she started to have trouble breathing, the father said in his report. The infant was then taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) and was administered CPR for 45 minutes and her breathing was restored.

Nashwa was then put on a ventilator. After her ventilator was taken off, doctors told Qaiser that his daughter may have suffered brain damage due to the CPR being performed on her for 45 minutes.

It’s a medical negligence because of using untrained staff help who was not eligible to extend medical support when the patient arrives at hospitals

On April 7, one of the two children, identified as Nashwa, was allegedly administered an overdose of potassium chloride and that too not via a drip, the FIR said. Minutes later, her lips turned blue and she began having trouble breathing.

She was shifted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for 45 minutes, after which her breathing function was restored, and then placed on a ventilator.

On April 12, when Nashwa was taken off the ventilator, doctors informed the father that she “may have suffered a brain injury” due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain that might have been a result of CPR performed on her for 45 minutes.

Though Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) has sealed Darul Sehat Hospital’s out-patient department (OPD) and suspects are under trial in the court but lives lost certainly will not come back, sad the aggrieved father.

It also stated that around 70 out of 165 nurses at the hospital were untrained. The SHCC, in its report, had termed Nashwa’s death “an act of grave negligence by the duty nursing staff”

Four suspects — including a female doctor Sobia, nursing in-charge Atif Javed, deputy administration officer Ahmed Shahzad, security in-charge Adeel and another employee, Agha Moiz — have been detained and booked along with five senior staffers of the Darul Sehat Hospital over alleged wrong treatment of the child on April 7 that paralyzed Nashwa 9 month old baby.

1st Incident, April 18th 2019 A 24-year-Old woman resident of Ibrahim Hydri Karachi died at the Sindh Govt. Hospital Krangi Karachi due to alleged medical malpractice, “inefficiency and criminal negligence”.

Ismat was taken to the hospital after she complained of tooth pain and her parents said she died 15 minutes after being administered an injection by hospital staff – The Awami Colony police registered a case and arrested two paramedics at the hospital.

Ismat was laid to rest in Ibrahim Hyderi Goth on Friday. Her father said they want justice.

He said staff at the hospital gave her a checkup and then administered an injection. When her condition worsened they told them to take her Jinnah hospital. Her family says she died 15 minutes after the injection was given.

The Awami Colony SHO said that they have arrested the attendant on duty. They have seized the syringe used in the incident and a sample of the drug given.

CM visited the family of a 24-year-old woman who died after she was administered the “wrong solution” at a hospital in Korangi No 5, where the victim had gone to seek treatment for a gum infection.

The family had alleged that she was drugged, raped and poisoned at the hospital. They nominated a doctor and paramedical staff in the case.

Based on the report of a chemical examiner, they also ruled out the possibility of sexual assault…reported in press on May 2nd 2019.

The DIG East Amir Farooqi told that investigators received autopsy and chemical examiner’s reports which said the apparent cause of death was “anaphylaxis”.

The report of a chemical examiner says she was not sexually assaulted

The doctors described anaphylaxis as a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction and the most common anaphylactic reactions are said to be from food, insect stings and medication.

As far as DNA test, its report is still awaited, DNA samples of the three paramedics and two doctors that had been sent to a forensic lab in Jamshoro which is expected to receive in a week.

Police authorities transferred the investigation of the case from the Awami Colony police in Korangi district to the Ibrahim Hyderi police in Malir district.

A doctor nominated in the case got protective bail and joined the probe as per directions of a court.

CM said, this is not a question of influential or privileged people, “the law will take its own course” And extreme negligence on part of hospital management will not be tolerated.

The 50% of nursing staff are untrained that hospital management utilizing their services not to treat the patient but to killing the innocent, CM warned.

ENT surgeon, Dr Ayaz Abbasi, One of the suspects who had obtained protective bail from a local court — was brought in by Ibrahim Hyderi police on Tuesday to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) to fulfill legal formalities.

Another suspect named Dr Shakeel also had his DNA samples taken, a senior police officer said, adding that “so far samples of five have been collected.”

The suspects were produced from the prison before a judicial magistrate (East) on expiry of their judicial remand.

The investigating officer appeared and request for more time to submit an investigation report in the case.

Allowing the request, the judge asked him to submit progress report on May 2.

The judge also issued a notice to the prosecutor and IO for May 3 to advance arguments on bail applications filed by two doctors, Dr Atiya and Dr Sharjeel, who had been booked in the present case.

Both the doctors appeared to join the trial after obtaining protective pre-arrest bail from the Sindh High Court.

Its need of the time to get rid of quack, a forged doctors killing our children using lethal injection, malpractices and negligence on the part of hospitals must immediately be ceased, demanded by group of victim family for not to appoint unqualified and untrained nursing staff in the hospitals – the recent example of Aids detection in Rotadero Larkana is vivid that how fake doctors dispensed wrong injection resulting made the entire community infected with Aids.

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