TALIBAN factor are unchangeable character!

Though in the past exercise from US & Pakistan had been initiated keeping them away of belligerency & hostility but by nature they are combatant, aggressive & characterized by belligerent minds & an approach – You can not change them.

It is in their blood cell that strikes and compels them to fight, very keen to fight. Its 18 yeas where TALIBAN CRAZINESS, their WAR MONGERING behavior had been tested with US and 40 other countries who were coalition partners in the WAR ON TERROR where Pakistan through a covenant became an ally with US after the crisis erupted from 9/11 in 2001.

And since then US and its 40 collation partners equipped with ultra modern weapons of mass destruction, assailed on TALIBAN, crippled their hideouts, killed them in thousands, destroyed their links but US could not dominate them, TALIBAN is still fighting

And eventually US withdrew it forces & left some on the name of security to Afghanistan or securing Afghanistan from Taliban rising terrorism & sill there is no peace in Afghanistan, more than 70% of Afghan area are under strict control of TALIBAN. So it is vivid that US lost its war in Afghanistan, could not cope over TALIBAN FACTOR.

Now again US assisted or facilitated to conduct peace talks with TALIBAN in Doha Qatar, some time before it was convened in Abudhabi too with TALIBAN main stream but we did not see any conclusion thereof & it would not be possible in near future too.

TALIBAN FACTOR is similar to US minds who wants to keep its head ‘on’ and intends to dominate entire peninsula keeping the nation and entire 7 seas dwellers under its subordination and who does not listen US, It comes across and compels them to prostrate otherwise the entire country is converted in graveyards, certainly interprets the same tone & thought that TALIBAN FACTOR does.

So forget peace talks its a wastage of time and energy, go for another option and ask Afghanistan to recognize TALIBAN FACTOR and induct them in the polity, all scrambles will be resolved………..stop fighting – no war & live like a graceful nation.

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