How PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE [PAC] will work under the eclipsed shaded of SHAHBAZ SHAREEF [SS]

Image result for Shahbaz Sharif in NABwho is already under custody in NAB in connection with the Rs14 billion Ashiana-i-Iqbal Housing Scheme case.

SS is a disputed figure how he will translate or get his directive honored with the Heads of multiple public services entity & under what capacity they will be accountable to SS whose own integrity and fidelity is compromised, hazy & suspicious…a big question mark for making him Chairman of PAC?
According to the production order, being the PAC chairman, the presence of Shahbaz Sharif is mandatory for the meeting, copies of the order however have been issued to NAB Chairman & NAB Director General and other relevant authorities, including Kot Lakhpat jail’s officials.
How inappropriate it will be that NAB is investigating SS for his criminality for what he has been under remand and been settled in ministry enclave declaring sub jail – how the authority will be standing before SS and be answering the question SS will raise?
The official of Kot Lakhpat Jail will also be appearing before SS who will be explaining how SS brother Nawaz Shareef passing his days in the cell & what special treatment he has been given…..does it look good for the jail administration to account for such stupid question if SS asks?  
The first formal meeting of the Public Accounts Committee will be held on Friday at 3pm at the Parliament House.
The PAC wing will brief the committee during Friday’s session while the Auditor General of Pakistan will brief the committee on Monday, whereas, the power ministry will brief the PAC on January 1
As a whole it looks unworthy & unmerited decision from PTI govt. making SS PAC Chairman – ridiculing the essence of the PAC and the requisite honesty & sincerity the stem of the position that deserves.

Public Accountability has been regarded as an important prerequisite for the proper and effective delivery of public service by the Governments all over the globe. The overall progress of any country owes itself largely to accountability and transparency.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) signifies one of the essential constituents of Parliamentary Dominion which is the culpability of Public money. … The PAC is one of the statutory organs of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
Role of Public accounts committee refers to a committee in the legislature that must study publicaudits, invite ministers, permanent secretaries or other ministry officials to the committee for questioning, and issue a report of their findings subsequent to a government budget audit.

The examination of Auditor General’s Reports for the Ministries, Divisions, Corporations and other Independent and Semi- Autonomous bodies, is one of the main functions of the PAC. 

The PAC is one of the statutory organs of the National Assembly of Pakistan. According to the Article 171 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Report of the Auditor General (AG) relating to the accounts of the Federation shall be submitted to the President, who shall cause them to be laid before the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament). The AG Report so laid in the National Assembly (N.A) shall be referred to the Public Accounts Committee [N.A Rule 177 (2)]

The committee may examine the expenditures, administration, delegated legislation, public petitions and policies of the Ministry concerned and its associated public bodies and may forward its report of findings and recommendations to the Ministry and the Ministry shall submits its reply to the Committee [N.A Rule 201 (4)]

It is only through the Public Accounts Committee that the objective of Transparency and Accountability is ensured.

How the head of departments will be accountable before the nominated PAC Chairman whose own stature is compromised & wanted in on going NAB inquiries?
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