Election Commission of Pakistan [ECP] should not keep election result notification on hold – must play a positive role!

ECP Role to solve the problem in order to ensure smooth transition of power to the elected representative.

ECP must not hold ”notifications” pertaining to the Election Result for the qualified candidates – upon whom the violation of code of conduct falls – ECP must ask to submit ”apology letter” and candidate himself must go to ECP to submit the apology to close the issue for the language they used for their opponents during election campaign.

ECP must be sagacious & use its judiciousness ”granting them pardon” so that a peaceful change over of power to the newly elected representative may shift in the interest of the country. Be accommodative not rigid while the country already gone through the cumbersome electoral process and now this is the time to wrap up instead to keep notification on hold.

Imran Khan’s notification from NA-53 Islamabad has been put on hold due to a pending case of alleged violation of secrecy of ballot as he stamped his ballot paper in front of TV cameras while casting his own vote.

ECP must note that how camera allowed to enter in polling station, it was a clear breaching that falls on the part of ECP – Yes Imran khan must not had to expose while casting his vote but some time kidding or hyperbolic-style comes across. It was Imran mistake and he must apologized and must submit a ”written apology letter to ECP” to close the issue – ECP is right to follow the rule and candidates must have adhered the standing instructions..

ECP at first place.
ECP among other abruptness & irregularity shown for the election now covering its incompetency & unskillfulness astutely and shrewdly by stopping notification for the qualified candidates, withholding election result giving plea the violation of code of conduct in election.

ECP has withheld the result of 16 constituencies due to various reasons, among which two seats that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan contested the elections.

The notification pertaining to NA-53, Imran Khan victory against former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has been withheld and

Notification relevant to NA-131 has been withheld because of Lahore High Court [LHC] staying order to recount the votes.

The constituency pertains to Khawja Saad Rafique who had moved LHC for vote recount while two times recounting has already been taken place by ECP but Saad Rafique was not satisfied and had asked the court for 3rd time recounting. This is his meanness avoid accepting the defeat, broiling & hampering the smooth transition of power to the winning candidate but PMLN cronies by nature are quarrelsome, said the analyst in TV Talks shows.

The ECP has notified Imran Khan winning in NA-35 Bannu, NA-95 Mianwali and NA-243 Karachi, however all these three notifications are subject to decision of pending case against him in the ECP over alleged violation of code of conduct – Khan is facing violation of code of conduct case using inappropriate language during election campaign.

ECP must come out of the box and sorted out all such trivialities, your unimpeded action & amicable settlement will be praiseworthy for your entity and will engrave a helping hand to close every single eclipse timely, said a seasoned analyst.

Similarly, the electoral body has conditionally notified former National Assembly speaker Sardar Ayaz Saddiq and former Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chief minister Pervez Khattak winners. They are also facing charges of violation of code of conduct.
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