How the sitting & former parliamentarians enhanced their privileges and perks for them

their spouse & children, ignoring the needs of people of Pakistan and squeezing more the national treasury & its ultimate effects on people of Pakistan the tax payer money.
The crafty, cunning & the guile politicians who enhanced & updated their perks and privileges for ‘’Sitting and Former Parliamentarians for their spouses & children’’ by amending the two general laws through the Finance Act 2018.
How secretly & furtively they inflated their privileges making it more advantageous & beneficial for them, no doubt giving more jerks and cracks to National kitty and of course on the Tax-payer money but who cares!
The greedy and opportunist politicians how keen they are? keeping their political position always fertilized whether they are in office or have left office, in either case they want to keep the perks and privileges uninterrupted but heftier with revised approval from the parliament.
In normal practice if an employee is retired when arrived at the age of superannuation, the pension amount goes ¼ & the perks also goes reduced, not similar when he/ she was in employment but in the case of ‘’politician’’ there is no reduction but they make make it more charming while holding public office and out of but perk will never goes end………..the sneaky. 
It’s really an eye opener that how political leadership seen intransigently increased their salaries and perks where Treasury Bench & Opposition leaders got it approved quietly.
Normally the Treasury bench and Opposition leaders fight each other in the assembly and senate but how secretly and furtively they got their privileges approved without hue and cry as the benefits were payable to both. 
See the lust of power of PML-N & Opposition leaders though they are no more in govt. assembly has been dissolved, care taker has taken over offices to run the state affairs as the country is going to conduct General Election 2018.
But the ruling elites [though they are no more] but despicably they increased their salaries & perks without realizing that how the country-economic has been crippled & it plans to move IMF for 2nd bailout package [2018] as it took in 2013 i.e. $ 6.7 billion when the PML-N had assumed office.
Currently the finance ministry seeking fresh loan from China worth $ 1.2 billion to deflect balance of payment crisis. The new Chinese loan being negotiated will be pampering to the rapidly depleting Foreign exchange reserve that has been down to $ 10.3 billion from $ 16.4 billion May 2017 following Current Account deficit that has widened to $ 14 billion whereas external debt & liabilities has tuned to $ 91,761 billion My 2018 as compared to $ 61 billion in 2013, SBP reported.
But how smart these sneaky, they ignored all these economic rattling and got their perks & privileges augmented really shameful, immodest & morally reprehensible.
Please read the detail how they have increased their Air traveling with business class, Luxurious Hotels, Medical facility, Retaining the gratis official blue passport for VVIP treatment, increasing in monthly honorarium, Leverage to utility bills for Rs 65k every month, TA & DA enhancement, increment in allowances etc. are very outrageous
and more importantly all such cost to be borne by Pakistani who voted them & sent these imbeciles to resolve their chronic problems.
Really very alarming that how national money is spent on these egotistic & self-loving who are not loyal & sincerer at the first place?
While print and electronic media were busy in discussing the role of PML-N, its failure & achievements during five-year tenure, they got the following facilities approved from the parliaments admissible to the sitting and former parliamentarians that’s cost impact certainly would fall on national treasury & would endure by the people of Pakistan.
1. Federal government has enhanced perks and privileges of sitting and former parliamentarians and their spouses by amending the two general laws through the Finance Act 2018.
2. Members of the Parliament Act of 1974 have been granted extension of Free Air Travels, ‘’not limited to PIA only but to all Private Pakistani Airlines’’.
3. Each member is entitled to avail up to Rs.300,000 worth of free air travels within Pakistan while an ‘’Additional Business Class Travel for attending assembly sessions have been increased from 20 to 25 trips from and to Islamabad from across the country’’.
4. Medical Facilities have also been enhanced for the Sitting and Former parliamentarians, bringing it at par with the highest paid bureaucrat, serving at grade 22.
5. The Sitting and Former parliamentarians will also retain ‘the gratis official blue passport’, which will ensure VVIP treatment anywhere in Pakistan and in the world.
6. Monthly honorarium of the chairman standing committee has been doubled from Rs.12,700 to Rs.25,000 per month, which is additional to the monthly salary and other privileges.
7. A member elected as the chairman of a standing committee of a house shall, in addition to the salary, allowances and facilities admissible as a member will now be entitled to Rs 25,000 honorarium, the services of a Private Secretary in basic pay scale 17, Stenographer in basic pay scale 15, Driver in basic pay scale 4 and one Naib Qasid in basic pay scale 1, Telephone facility in the office to a limit of Rs 10,000 per month and office accommodation with necessary furniture and equipment.
8. The parliamentarians (sitting and former) will also have a leverage of up to Rs.65000 worth of utility bills every month.
In March this year, the government had also increased daily allowance of parliamentarians by 71 per cent.
Accordingly, the Ordinary and Special Daily Allowance were increased from Rs 1,750 to Rs 3,000 and from Rs 2,800 to Rs 4,800 respectively, which is equal to the allowance offered to grade-22 officers of the federal government.
There are 342 members of the National Assembly and 104 members of the Senate in addition to hundreds of former parliamentarians and their spouses.
The bill amendment was approved and passed by both National Assembly and the Upper House (Senate of Pakistan).
The total cost of the above mentioned will come to billions of spending for the luxuries of the parliamentarians and will be managed through people taxes and other means.
Those who thinks and faiths blindly on their leaders must open their eyes & see in real terms that how they are honest with you. 
Will they work for you, they will overindulge & satiate themselves first instead to look at your grievances and giving you a peaceful life, improving and ameliorating your living standard, ensuring accessibility of basic amenities of life at your door steps? 
Will they do it or not? Look first then use your vote, your right to choose who is true to his/ her words and will work for you when you vote?
They do augment and debate for the bill that is brought in the assembly for people welfare but they go silent when their own favor comes to the fore. 
They approved the privileges and perks without any opposition or walkout & kept your economic, social, & legal support aside.
These are the ugly faces of these Politicians who are ruling in the country for 70 years where 70% people are living below poverty line.
Where on the name of people welfare, health and education very hefty funds every year is budgeted but it is not spent & goes into the personal private account of MNA/ MPA of your constituency.
So why to vote who transgresses & has no moral values and no pain for its own people? 
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