Marriage keeps the human species to grow & entails a peaceful environment

Importance of life partner is existential for man & woman we cannot deny or ignore its importance and persistent impact in our life.

It’s a basic mandate of human life that we get from our Creator Almighty Allah [God] who first created Adam and then to end Adam loneliness He created Eve.

The objective before God was to give a life partner to Adam so that they can live in paradise peacefully.

Marriage you can do now or can do later but should not hate, dislike, feeling antipathy or aversion but sense & witness its fruit that appears after marriage.

When wed, you enter in a peaceful life that’s enable you to make decision of your future-life, you can bring revolution because you have life-partner in place, with mutual understanding, escalating the pros & cons that crops generally, eventually you arrive at decisiveness which is characterized by decision and your [both] firmness.

Marriage keeps you away of multiple diseases and avoids nonsense question that society generally talks. People looks you with respect & your charismatic entry in marital status gets you feeling emotionally & physically a pleasing, satisfied, delighted & attractive environment around you that others waits for their turn & you are applauded among family, friends & well-wishers for you and for your mate.

A stage certainly comes in the life where absence of a ‘’life partner’’ is felt very much and then you realize and feel responsible for not considering earlier or rejected to marry. 

For everything God has kept a time-frame that we adopt or follow, further studies or completing education as desired is not the barrier or obstructing in the way of marriage but its up to you that how you schedule it.

Even after marriage studies can be kept continue getting it agreed with your life partner. A good life partner always takes care for his/ her spouse. Marriage is a sign of respect, commitment and gift of love where couple live together & respect each other sentiments.

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