The Unprofessional – Discouraging & Disappointing services of M/s Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi

That failed to provide its agreed services to the client as prescribed in its ‘’Service Contract’’ who agreed to carry out household material shifting from Karachi to Rawalpindi in a more professional & systematic way at a flat rate of Rs190,000/=.

M/s Orison Movers & Packers claimed in its quotation to be ‘’a trusted moving company & experts in moving’’ could not satisfy the client rather thwarted expectation, mismanaged & marred the image developed about a mover and packer industry who is unaware of basic industry norms.

The client shared his ordeal with the scribe that how M/s Orison Movers & Packers treated its client unprofessionally and failed to honor the underlined clauses in its Contract.

In the Contract it had been mentioned very categorically that M/s Orison Movers & Packers will transport the Household material from Karachi to Rawalpindi and they will be responsible for packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and arranging the assembly of furniture as laid down in the contract.

It further adds, that the company will dismantle – will pack – will load in the container – will transport – will offload at the given location in Rawalpindi – will reassemble the furniture as specified but regrettably it is said that the Company could not comply its commitment but showed serious unprofessional-ism & misbehavior during loading and offloading the material, said the client.

As per client, it is a worst experience from M/s Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt.) limited which is still being faced by the family.
Even though the family have shifted from Karachi to Rawalpindi but still they are locating & searching their stuff and going individually [one by one] through every Cartons which had not been enlisted precisely.

The very basic criteria of a Mover and Packer Company that prepares a list of what is to go where and pack all the fragile, breakable things, decoration pieces, household china, kitchen utensils etc.

Extra carefulness of course in marked boxes while lining them with corrugated sheets & Styrofoam is maintained.

The Books go in one box, the Clothes in another, the Furniture, the Electronics, the stuff in Children Room, the Bed room # 1, the Bed room # 2 and so on, the Store, the Drawing and Dining room, the Kitchen utensils etc.

All are taken care minutely, ensuring hassle free shifting that is appreciated and acknowledged by the client and such commendable services certainly is referred & recommended to family and friend for future business that mushrooms Movers and Packers business depends that how smartly [in a professional way] the client has been attended.

Again, while wrapping and putting the goods in marked Carton ‘’showing the name and the area from where the goods collected for packing & numbering them’’ and then ‘’final list’’ mentioning the same number & name on the cartons in chronological order facilitating the client to locate the desired box conveniently instead agonizing the client.

For instance, if the client wants kitchen utensils, generally he goes through the final list, he checks the list and searches the desired carton boxes with the name and number allocated on boxes.

But unfortunately, the client still could not find its cattle, dinning plates, tea cups, cooker, fry-pans, jug & glass, spoon of different sizes even after week because the Carton Boxes and Final list was not prepared correctly.

Basically, the client had a plan and it was explained to the packers to mark the ‘’boxes name and number accurately’’ followed with a ‘’final list’’ so that whenever they would be in need of any boxes they could open it easily instead to open the whole lot.

The client had a small family and they preferred not to go through scale of boxes but just some whichever required.

But it could not listen by M/s Orison Movers & Packers and they marked the boxes wrongly – no conformity with the material inside the box and the content written on the box, a clear mismatch that caused the client to suffer.  

Box marked ‘’Fancy crockery’’ but inside the box client found Kitchen’s daily used material but not all – Was it packed in a professional way? Asked the client

Box marked ‘’Fragile box’’ the client got children room material, clothes, papers & one decoration piece

Box marked ‘’Store’’ the client got curtain and one lady purse.
Bed sheet still not found where it was packed?

Box marked ‘’Plant’’ the client got Bath room material

Automatic ‘Washing machine’ instead keeping it upright, it was lay down horizontally in the ‘container’ that’s damaged the machine, it is not working.

When approached to the Electronic shop in Rawalpindi they said due to lying it down its rotator has been jammed due to mechanical fault, the client reported.

The worst example of ‘shifting process’ through M/s Orison Movers and Packers, nauseated the client

Kitchen utensils were very basic & essential items if you relocate anywhere the first thing you would like to get glasses, tea cups, plates but due to wrong numbering on the carton the material they found from the box marked ‘’Store’’

Obviously ridiculed the claim of good services from M/s Orison Mover & Packer.

However, there are following irregularity the client faced are mentioned below; 

Not professional at all – M/s Orison Movers & Packers used Al Karam Textile Carton Boxes that absolutely were not adequate for household materials. Further, plastic stripes they wrapped even with manual knots instead through some apparatus that tights the packing.

Not labeled and marked properly, resulting at destination [in Rawalpindi] it was very difficult to identify the contents of boxes & the name mentioned in final list…a persistent discrepancy.

Container arrived in Karachi at client’s house at very odd hour while the Sales Manager of M/s Orison Movers & Packers had agreed to send container at 11 p.m. but it arrived at 2.30 a.m. [night] and loading completed 0.8 am next morning & Container left Karachi for onward journey to Rawalpindi.

The Container Driver kept calling the client about charges which the client advised instead calling him it’s better to contact the company Sales Manager directly as all financial matter had been dealt with.

Off loading
After client regular follow up with M/s Orison Movers & Packers they provided their representative name at Rawalpindi.

The company had assured the client that all arrangements had been done as soon as the Container reached in Rawalpindi, the laborers will offload the material and reassembling of the furniture would be carried out.

But when the Container reached in Rawalpindi the Driver of the Container did not allow the laborer to offload the material and insisted to pay him 20% as the client had paid 80% to the Sales Manager in Karachi.

The remaining 20% was supposed to pay to the representative of M/s Orison Movers & Packers in Rawalpindi [as agreed in the contract] but after reassembling of furniture.

But Container Driver not agreed and stopped to offload the household materials and kept even the laborer away of the container.

When the client tried to contact on given local Representative phone numbers in Rawalpindi, no one was available at the site and even no one knows to whom remaining 20% to pay instead driver.

The client eventually contacted the company Sales Manager Karachi who was the focal point of the shifting process, he asked to pay the remaining 20% to the Driver.

The client asked that no issue but after resembling the furniture as agreed in the contract

But the Karachi Sales Manager started arguing, shouting, misbehaving and using foul and un-professional language & insisted to pay to the driver first.

The client however paid directly the remaining 20% to Container Driver.

The driver offloaded the material from the container & left the site without reassembling furniture saying that I have no tools an expertise to reassemble your furniture’’, Said the Container Driver

In short, the client arranged personally laborer from local market and arranged his furniture reassembling.

The client recommends not to hire M/s Orison Movers & Packers Karachi and it allied office working in Pakistan because of company incapability, distrustfulness, incompetency, ineligibility, inefficiency, unskillfulness, quarrelsomeness & contentiousness who is not reliable and dependable even from the basic norms of industry & standard of a Movers and Packers industry

They are unaware that how to pack the material, how to number and name the boxes and how through a final chronological list the items are located easily.

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