Social media is an open-platform for everyone, does not need any permit to enter and talk.

No passport & border implication or any clearance required but it is a free access and even does not ask your cast, creed, culture, color, institutional belief and belongs – no barrier & barricade just enlist yourself by signup & enjoy the social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Pin interest etc.

But it needs to maintain morale where ethicality travels between moral code and moral excellence as you face people of different thoughts from different continents

They may be like-minded or against your views but in either case yours feeling and senses must be polite, courteous, gracious, accommodative, convincing, persuasive, capacity to digest others remarks, tolerable & endurable. It’s an entry in a practical world where you start liaising with people of another world.

It’s up to you that if any friends embarrasses & vexes you, you have liberty to Un-friend and Un-grouped if any group is abusing & tarnishing your image – so always make good friend.
Inter alia, showing regard for others in manners, speech & behavior etc. instead taking it personal or loosing temperament, so be cool, calm, unagitated and serene so that 
you can make more friends and you may click more likes that will increase your friendship volume very soon.

Social media gives an opportunity to groom yourself and it’s up to you that how suitably you grow and get yourself destroyed involving in false, illegitimate, illicit and immoral links and nasty friends so that your link may not compromise.

We know that man is a social animal and he/she needs its partner, friends & family to live happily & cheerfully.
Social media is progressive place for a peaceful thought sharing – thought provoking & mind-blowing discussion that we see and we counter everyday – some time people conversation goes panicky but some time more attractive rather productive for the community or society as a whole.
It gives an opportunity where everyone has right to share his/ her thoughts but rightly in a decent way that may not cross the limit of ethics, moral principal, value system & value orientation.

The principal of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or social group – a system of principal governing morality and acceptable conduct we must maintain while discussing at social media platforms.

Debate & criticism that becomes tool for others too to move forward or do correction if there is any lapses or adversity. People opinion is an asset even for the govt. to correct or do necessary amendment considering the debate as a feedback from common man. Impact of discussion in our normal life can shine or can mar so we should be more conscious while discussing others.

Tall discussion & debate are unwanted and free but adds value the topic under discussions – those who do monitor – appreciate if proves such info suitable for them.

Among people sense of accommodating each other emerges, reading and writing capacity establishes & enhances, power of listening & answering the contents makes them well-disciplined like a good reader and good writer.

People thoughts may be positive or negative in either case it’s a free suggestion, advises, admonitions, recommendations, indications, proposals, substances, comments and remarks can be a panacea, nutrient or signals to be careful.

Through this route [social media] innocent & immature people are also blackmailed so identify your friend and do not give your personal information whoever tries to allure you, deceive you, cheat you, entice you and tempt you – So be careful from such nasty & sick people who attract and incline to trap you for some dream-world. If you are a lady you must be alert!

It’s a jungle where people of multiple tastes gather at one platform and they give their views so it depends that how smartly, diplomatically and technically you handle such elements.

These are the synopsis of SOCIAL PLATFORMS where everyone gathers and share their sentiments – point of views – do debate on impending issues in the country. They do discuss about present – past and future at greater length – whether it pertains to national politics – Institutions working in the country – media and judiciary – every pillar of state comes under discussion but your opinion should go in acceptable way so that communication may not hurt anyone or you are not crossing your approved boundaries – so the desired attitude certainly required while talking at social media.

Respect your Judiciary – Army and law enforcement agencies – Media & Parliamentarians’ too -convey your concern in a more decent way so that if it arrives to the concerned intuitions they make the desired action if there are anomalies they may correct it – so do debate in a dynamic way.

The debate on multiple issues keeps you connected what goes around – though some time someone uses their point of view disparagingly but some as complimentary – so it is reality.

Everyone has liberty what he or she wants to communicate. It indicates a liberalism & Constitutionally several kinds of fundamental rights to the people such as the right to life, liberty, equality and freedom of speech, trade and association are safeguarded by the State.

We Pakistani are living under the dome of a constitutional state

i.e. called Islamic Republic of Pakistan where Operating 

system of the country is the ‘’DEMOCRACY’’ where majority & 

minority are living & constitutionally state is bound to honor 

our fundamental rights, including equality of status, of 

opportunity and before law, social, economic and political 

justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, 

worship and association, subject to law and public morality.

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Hi My name is Iqbal Hussain. And if you’re reading this then I guess you’re interested in learning all about me. I’m a blogger have been writing on gilded age politics dominated by corruption, as politicians took bribes and rewarded their supporters with posh government jobs. Elections had high turnout and extraordinarily close results, but neither major party pursued ambitious policies resulting the people of the country always remains vulnerable.

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