Nawaz Shareef & Co. must not go ‘’scot-free” & inactive role of Shahbaz Shareef being President of PML-N the topic scrolling around.

It will incite a riot, foment & setoff great unrest among general public if Judiciary plans or govt. is pressurized from outdoor channels giving a safe passage to Nawaz Shareef & his daughter Maryam [Nawaz Shareef & Co.], a political turmoil certainly will emerge in the country with no easy-ending but fuel more uproar if they are allowed to leave the country [whatever may the situation], Said the audience at ‘public forum gathering’ arranged by media.
Further, Shahbaz Shareef [SS] President of PML-N seems inefficacious, dummy or say just a ‘’fill in the blank’’ as he seems sitting idle or a puppet who is handled through a remote control being held by his brother Nawaz Shareef [NS].
SS apparently adding no value in party policy matters since the date he assumed the President-ship of PML-N whereas NS still seems active and efficacious who had been nominated or selected by PML-N main stream keeping NS as Quaid of PML-N for whole life, said PML-N stalwart.
It shows NS keenness who does not want to go aside or even minus formula for him seems unrealistic and not pragmatic if his aspiration still works out to run the party by himself alone without inducting anyone from out of family and that’s the reason at first place NS tried to handover presidential seat to his spouse [Kulsoom] but her illness could not to allow and then NS preferred to nominate his brother SS for PML- N president seat.
NS still involved in decision making – keeping SS away of political business so what type of President SS is?
A question being asked by politician – noticing no prominent changes in PML-N set up but a persistent silence among party hardcore keeping their lips closed whereas on the front line still there is NS for every single affair of the party, said one the panelist had been called in TV Talk Sow..
Giving impression that there is lack of consensus & cohesion among party workers – Are they really in agreement for the changes NS did by choosing his brother as party president?
Though SS was nominated to occupy the seat of President of PML-N taking oath to run the party affairs henceforth.
Replacing NS after getting his presidential seat of PML-N illegal following Supreme Court verdict for disqualifying him from premiership of Pakistan because of his inability – not complying the essence of constitutional clause of 62/63 laid down in constitutional book that caused him to dethrone from the prime-ministry.
And later dis seating him from PML-N president position as a disqualified premier not legible to run the party business in the capacity of President who already has been disqualified from the country premiership, Said CJ Supreme Court [SC] so the action taken by NS had been declared null and void after July 28th2017 following panama matters investigation conducted in SC, CJ added further.
However, SS currently using his card given by his brother NS, asking Judiciary, Army and Parliament/ Senate to sit together in order to resolve the impasse that has been evolved, confined and pushed the Institutions into a dark and isolated room with no productivity but just saving NS & family by his appointed bureaucrats. 
Besides, some news also airing that NS & his daughter Maryam should be given a safe passage to leave the country though they are under NAB trial being involved in multiple Corruption cases & Money laundering in the country.
And SS also has asked his brother NS & niece Maryam to stop coughing unnecessary comments as feeling of ill-will arouses active hostility.
It’s therefore better to refrain, abstain and desist from character assassination of Judiciary, raising finger on Pakistan army and other Institutions [working in the country] as such abhorrence, foul language, malign tactics will bring nothing but fuel more animus so better to stop, mentioned in a group discussion of political analysts.
But some were of the view the if NS & Maryam are allowed [by any reason] to leave the country they never ever will come back like Ishaq Dar who on the name of medical treatment is still absconder.
Whereas Ishaq Dar case already under NAB prosecution on charges of ”assets beyond his means”, he devoured a lot but when NAB arrested him he went sick & sped-away on the name of Umra [Saudi Arabia] and then landed in UK where he is shown lying not on death bed but in intensive care unit [a drama] said an angry analyst.
And what a mockery that he participated in Senate election submitted nomination from but it was inquired that who signed his nomination paper and opened bank account in his absence who facilitated – Is Election commission of Pakistan [ECP] blind or he indulged?
In media [at some TV channel] also ran slides that SS met with Chief of Army Staff [COAS] for paving the way of ‘’Reconciliation or efforts to go for NRO’’ which was not correct but a false report.
ISPR strongly rejected stated in a note – that news about meeting of Army Chief with CM Punjab twice during last 72 hours being reported by a media house is baseless and highly irresponsible. No such meeting has taken place.
So, Judiciary if grants NS & Maryam any safe haven to run away of the country – it will not be optimal but irrational & imprudent – more precisely a net loss to the country where not only the amount they looted or laundered from National exchequer but the amount spent on their JIT, Supreme Court & NAB proceedings that’s continuing since more than one year would go futile or if ended in fiasco the nation would not leave the authority unaccountable but would ask about the Billions spent on Shareef & Co investigation so what happened them? A big question marks? people would ask from CJ Supreme court of Pakistan?
All eyes are on the verdict of NAB that’s the nation waiting for logical end of NS & Co trials.
The general public will also go agitated, aroused, stimulated if govt. shows any soft corner to NS & company – the whole nation will stir up and extreme possibility to get revolt from general public if Nawaz Shareef & Company go scot-free.
Most among us are also not willing to see election before cleansing and purging the country from heightening corruption.
The unbridled corruption that has marred the country and has pushed the country at the brink of disaster so better to give the criminals an exemplary punishment giving a candid message that LOOTERS AND MONEY LAUNDERERS will not go scot-free does not matter who you are? who they are?
Accountability has been imperative for Pakistan and it must be continued [across the board] ensuring a major overhauling with distinctive & visible result and if election is conducted before logical end of corrupt mafia it will bring no difference but the same gangster will take new breath making the country more disastrous so election before decision of NAB court will not be worth full but to keep the LOOTRMAAR legacy uninterrupted, said a seasoned journalist.

Therefore majority wants exemplary punishment, confiscating the properties barring and banning them to join national politics with rigorous imprisonment say for 25 years. without consequences, or penalties, or go free without paying off the stealing amounts, severe punishment in deed is the need of the day so that corruption in the country may not exit again.
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