Karachi is Ours & we Own Karachi

which were symbolizing & identified as city of luminance now has regained & resumed its status back.
We feel pride to say that beauty & peacefulness of Our City has been enlivened & enkindled, spirited & invigorated, revitalized & revived with all its peculiarities truly exhibiting its luminism.
The life in Karachi that had been eclipsed by any reason now has been restored and retrieved its status back – keeping the city alive and lively……It’s a happy living sign for Karachiites.
The jubilation, ecstasies & overwhelming emotion, joyfulness & blissfulness, the radiant and serene faces of people arrived at National Stadium Karachi & watched the cricket match played in between PSL Zalmi Peshawar & United Islamabad team that later won by United Islamabad gave a clear message to belligerent, miscreants & mercenaries who devastated the Karachi
that we [Karachiites] are nonbelligerent, unagitated, very peaceful & accommodative to embrace our brother from another province who came from far flung – to watch the cricket match that ended in a very fashionable & charming way – kept every participant happy and cool.
though in afternoon when the people were on the way to National stadium – the crazy sun was showing its burning faces at 37 degrees Celsius but people did not care – kept moving to the stadium and got their seat and watched the whole match in a peaceful environment that held in National Stadium Karachi after nine years.
Now we also believe that ‘’Karachi Cleanliness’’ will also be carried out by its Mayor though he is working whatever the squeezed resources he has or the fund meant to KMC is not issued from CM Sindh or by any reason has been blocked but Mayor will ensure & restore the beauty of the City again where Karachi had been ranked in 7th among the biggest cosmopolitan cites in the world.
We Karachiites request CM Sindh to please keep abreast Mayor Karachi with you and with combined and collective efforts return the beauty of the City again
We will be thankful for your kind efforts……the city is not an individual but it’s a face of the country if it is crystal cleaned it reflects that how physically and mentally we are cleaned.

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