Why MRYAM NAWAZ is crowned with jeweled headdress?

How the poverty in the Country being ridiculed by PML-N leadership where MARYAM NAWAZ is crowned with jeweled headdress? What exactly the message PML-N wants to communicate in national politics?

How intransigent & unrelenting PML-N, making fun, taunting Opposition, that how people are happy with them and how they welcome in public gathering?

Just a showoff, impressing the viewers & audience that PML-N has overwhelmed support in the constituency where daughter of a deposed primer NAWAZ SHAREEF is crowned.

This is egotistical, attempting to demonstrate prowess and ability about PML-N, a crappy tactics to ornament Maryam Nawaz with ‘’jeweled headdress’’ which is of course negating the essence of a democratic setup rather symbolizing the power and authority of a monarchy not endorsing & signaling the traits of democratic system running in Pakistan.

How a developing country can afford the cost of jeweled crown stuffed with gold and diamond.

Notwithstanding PML-N was well aware that instead to spend million on golden crown if they had spent such amount on public welfare, public health & education certainly it would have been more plausible, reasonable & credible rather more convincing & persuasive among poor segments living in Pakistan.

Maryam should have assured people, convincing the audience that ‘’I am here to listen you, to ward off your grievances, frustration and giving you a progressive, prosperous & peaceful life, that  depicts the characteristic of a democratic leader, 
telling them I am among you, please come forward and share your problem etc.’’ 

such sentiments & feelings she should have been expressed but she feels proud celebrating her ‘’gold crown wearing’’ at the stage, seeking public applause but pigheaded PML-N leadership is quite away of such senses and feelings of a common man, they are more cautious for photo session as they do during flood havoc in Punjab.

They [PML-N] impress simpleton, usually less educated people, the peasantry class where 80% lives in rural area, in muddy houses where the area is still deprived of basic amenities of life, no electricity, no gas, no clean drinking water, no sanitary system, no school, no adequate hospitals, no life at all but just a slavery to serve the Master.

They are living for 60 years in the same unchanged environment, the oppressed & suppressed class, they are subjugated by cruelty, they are persecuted and maltreated, they are subdued, hushed and muted class, 

they are forced to submit before the master, they cannot raise their voice if they do they are wiped-out of the scene. They work under harsh condition for little or no pay as the customary continuing in Punjab rural areas, media has been covering such atrocity in subsequent dates – where one man was shown in shackled i.e bound by chains fastened around his ankles. And a man who refused to work in the filed his hand had been chopped off by a cutter [machine] that’s meant to cut the dried crops.

This is Punjab so why PML-N will not sweep the election if they keep their voters in such tormenting & deplorable condition under bondage and slavery. 

People are crude uncouth lacking cultural and refinement so they are be-fooled by PML-N showoff… the same tyranny from one generation to another and its continued, they believe in enslavement and captivity.

No knowledge and wisdom because no education, deliberately people are kept illiterate, schools are kept closed even though millions budget are allocated for education but it is not spent.

The influential lords, patriarchy, feudalism & landed aristocracy these social culture we find in Punjab where laborer & their families work in their fields and kiln, in paddy fields on daily wages at meager wage rate such as at kiln if they build 1000 bricks they are paid only Rs. 600/=, media covers such agonies and shows the atrocities continuing in Punjab and Sindh too.

And that’s the reason that Punjab & Sindh poll their votes to PML-N & in Sindh they do to Bhutto family.

Most of the area of Punjab where atrocities are common, women or young girl are not safe they are picked up, rapped & gang-rapped and thrown in to the garbage or killed, no FIR no police, no justice and who will do whoever comes ahead is removed, a general story of rural area where slaves live and dies in slavery. 

So PML-N is most famous among such categories who vote Nawaz Shreef [NS], they are passing wretched life, hapless and miserable, work from dawn to dusk in the agricultural filed, and do not know what’s other side of the coin.

Such class of people are intimidated, from them oath is taken on the holy book to vote NS, if it is unveiled that they did not poll to NS they are maltreated showing others for not to error again.

Punjab in terms of population is a big province it has 110 million people out of 210 million, the total populace of the country, so if Punjab wins the election, it goes to form the govt whereas such majority [in bulk] in other provinces is not attainable, scattered voters among different faction are unable to gain such majority as PML-N in Punjab makes the govt in federal.

Currently it’s the second Gold Crown MARYAM NAWAZ is presented in Sargodah, earlier She was given in Sheikhpura too.

In Sargodha she was scheduled to attend social media convention where Sargodha Mayor Malik Aslam Naveed presented the gold crown weighing 20 tolas, as a token of affection of the locals before the beginning of the social media convention. 

‘’The gold crown is embellished with rubies and emerald, the crown is a gift from the locals to the ousted premier’s daughter’’, Said the Mayor.

Prior to this, Maryam was also crowned in Sheikhupura with what locals said was a crown made of gold and embellished with diamonds. The crown was a gift from local traders to the former first daughter who was in Sheikhupura for a public gathering.

A 55-gramme gold crown was presented to Maryam Nawaz, daughter and political heir apparent to deposed premier Nawaz Sharif upon her arrival at a public gathering in Sheikhupura, Punjab. 

The crown approximately worth of Rs.1.3 million embellished with a giant Ruby and diamonds, presented to Maryam Nawaz.

The question emerges that who arranged the Gold Crown?

Was it arranged by the Mayor or PML-N leadership [themselves] had managed, 

giving a showoff to its opponents that PML-N despite NS disqualification from his premiership and then stripped him off the party president ship but his ‘’daughter MARYAM NAWAZ has not been disregarded yet presented gold crown’’.

And if the gold crown had been arranged by the Mayor – had it not been more appreciative if Mayor would have spent Rs.1.3 million on his people – the constituency from where the Mayor won the local body election.

People are dying with starvation – 70% people are living below poverty line in the country – they don’t have access to buy foods for their family, mother selling her children, husband pestering his wife to sell her chastity to buy one-time food,
father strangulating children because of hunger and not able to buy food for them due to unemployment, kidney is being sold by a School girl showing in her school uniform standing road side & holding a placard,

a sobbing mother along with her three children sitting at footpath and selling her small child to buy meal for others all has been covered in electronic media.

Are these evidences not visible to shake the PML-N leadership – And more importantly who arranged the costly JEWELED HEADDRESS.

Was it arranged by her disqualified father NAWAZ SHAREEF portraying that how people love PML-N, Said a seasoned politician?
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