Ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) sitting in Treasury Benches & Pakistan People Party (PPP) sitting at Opposition Benches though both have won Local Body Election held in the country after ten years

But do they guarantee to change the people eclipsed living condition and benefit them with the characteristics of economic & socio economic which still they could not get from the so called democrats who beats the drum to provide ROTI – KAPRA – MAKAN to everyone without discrimination.   
What is the use of Local Body Election if the power comes into the same hand of Power greedy, Coteries & Cronies of PML-N & PPP with whom people has personal cults at some extant but more importantly majority of people are intimidated & harassed by the influential lords of the area.
The local polls the first in 10 years were held on Saturday in the twelve districts including Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Chakwal, Bhakkar, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, Pakpattan, Okara, Lodhran, Vehari and Bahawalnagar of central province of Punjab and eight districts including Sukkur, Khairpur, Shikarpur, Kashmore, Ghotki, Larkana, Shahdadkot and Jacobabad of the southern province of Sindh – The two other provinces, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the northwest and Baluchistan in the west voted earlier this year.
According to unofficial results PML-N attained 1104 out of 2696 Union Council (UC) seats – with independent candidates gained the second position with 915 seats in the first phase of local government elections in Punjab.
Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) party won only 256 seats and the PPP secured 100 posts of union council chairman/ vice-chairman.
The ruling PML-N has won the majority of seats in Punjab and the PPP secured most seats in Sindh in the local government elections,
Whether it is PML-N or PPP the current Local Body Election (LBE) at provincial level, has given impression that it is no more effective at national level but both parties have been converted into regional politics.
The same corrupt mafia the current political leadership PML-N & its predecessor PPP known as ‘’mother of corruption’’ to whom the people of Pakistan do abuse day and night – calls them mischievous – have extreme hatred but the votes have been polled for them.
People basically has personal attachment – emotionally they are devoted to ……no… not alike but precisely it is intimidation – life threats & severe consequences – though there is little spellbound or allegiances with the party but the main message from the Influential lords is to cast the vote to PML-N & PPPP otherwise you will be removed from the scene.
A general observation among political analyst who rejects personal cult but insists insecurity among voters and that’s the reason people voted for PML-N & PPP – does it not signify political pressure or life threat to the voters who though voted but not from their mind?
People or voters knowing the facts about their persisted agonies that ruling MNAs did not perform and deliver well – did not do anything for people betterment and development works ameliorating their living condition.
If existing MNAs did not uplift and did any structural changes in their locality – how shameful and shabby living condition in rural area of Punjab – Sind – Baluchistan & KPK will be changed a big question mark for PML-N & PPP?
People are living in the same mud houses or the houses with bamboo & palm leaves knitted ceiling with no adequate rehabilitation program & Annual development program where there is no electricity, no gas, no water line, no concrete roads, no street lights, no clean drinking water, no school, no hospitals & maternity homes and clinics prerequisite.
In short no welfare package but rising disruption and abruptness & dysfunctional of ‘’Public Services Units’’ mandated for the people living in the area – not uplifting people economic and socio economics condition.
People are drinking canal water while the same canal is used for their lavatories – using wood and cow dung to fuel their oven – no gas supply lines or any program is seen in near future – inadequate transport connecting the village to the nearest city – using bull & donkey cart to transport the patients from the village to move nearest hospital.
So how people can vote PML-N & PPP by their own consent – plausibly its pressure and bullying tactics’ that’s made both ‘winner’ in LBE – Children are born at home – no hospitals even if it is but empty no x ray machine.
No ultra sound machine – no incubator – no light and water – no ambulance – no well equipped OPD and emergency facility to treat the patients – no cleanliness – no laboratory for medical tests – no electric fan – no doctor and nurses and no medicine.
If you don’t provide the basic facility to the inhabitants how the people will vote to you & even if they do then it does not reflex their own intention but a vulnerability & victimization if vote is not polled according to the intention of Influential lords of the area, said a seasoned analysts debating on the election result.  
A complete nightmare if you go in the Districts, Tehsil, Taluka or Villages you will be disappointed or abuse the leader spontaneously who are representing the constituencies’ in the assembly, added further
The life in rural area are monitored closely by the informers of WADERA – SAAYEN PATWARI – SARDAR – JAGIDAR – ZAMINDAR & TRIBE LEADERS where daily activity of a villager is observed that where he goes, what he does, to whom he/ she meets and day long activity is shared with influential lords of a locality, so there is no option just to go what you have been asked to do?
Normal living condition of a villager or a dweller in a given locality where slavery system still seems alive where noncompliant faces the curse of the Lords – people are unable to understand the right of votes its importance and utility.
So long as Tribes, Group and Family system coupled with ‘’Intimidation & harassment’’ culture as a fortiori flourishes – transparency and impartiality in the ‘’Election & parole connected to the Election’’ does not seem survive or get a sustainable growth to qualify the essence democracy – voting either biased or unbiased will bring no visible changes in electoral process in the country but just a coughing – no avail in practicality – a lip service ad political rhetoric that’s being done since 70s.
Election either for National Assembly or Local Body in the provinces if the same corrupts coterie and cronies of PML-N & PPP take over the region they will add more miseries, distress, frustration and mental agonies instead to subside and giving people a progressive and prosperous living condition that never looks them fulfilled but a dream in broad day light. 
If the MNAs are not doing anything or have any plan to make & give people a good living conditions which of course they did not do so far during their 8 years tenure from 2008 to 2015 then how the MPAs who has qualified the LBE will do?
Its basically opening the avenues to stuff their pockets from the earmarked and allocated funds against different projects for people welfare program – installing, updating, repairing & maintaining the city’s infrastructure – ensuring that every public services industry on board in the rural and urban area are functional and up to the mark.
But retrospectively it does not seem viable except misusing, misappropriating & doing more embezzlement, more cheating & frauds in the name of people welfare plan at provincial level – so LBE will be paving the way to the cronies of PML-N & PPP to enjoy and satiate, eat immodestly like a pig and ignoring others.
Disintegrate the existing province and make more provinces to give people more choices to come in power notwithstanding to stick & clinch with two groups.
Punjab being a big province in terms of population goes dominant always and if it wins it forms the govt. in Federal & now in Province seems prevalent so who will address people long awaited problems if it has not been attended by PML-N in Punjab and in Sind by PPP despite 08 years of both terms (2008-2015) where the former sitting at Treasury benches and latter at Opposition seats?
No development works at grass route level have been noticed either in Sind or Punjab – people are living in the same distressful condition – getting the life paralyzed – lacking the basic amenities of life – giving the life a standstill – no permanent solution plan but in some cases ad hoc – so no remedy at all at provincial level to change the status quo.
Therefore woeful plight of people will never ever change – similarly in Sindh despite PPP complete failure still it wins because people have no second option or due to insecurity among voters they voted PPP.
People are well aware of poor performance of PML-N & PPP but they polled purposely having no option to suffer and sustain for more years and die without alienation of power from corrupts to the sincere, honest and loyal leader who can work & give them a conspicuous change – but the down trodden masses except have a hope for them & better living condition of their locality.
How the people can change their life pattern – they are kept uneducated with the nasty thrust to live poor and die poor. Its 68 years people in Sind, Punjab, and Baluchistan & KPK are still poor.
So make more provinces and give people their rights to go for option in the election why to span and scroll between only two groups.

Though there are majority of ‘’Independent candidates’’ stands at second position in attaining quite number of seats’ in provincial assembly after PML-N but they cannot constitute the Govt – a reality to swallow the pills so eventually the Independents will join the team of corrupts and we the people will live on the mercy of looters and plunderers of national wealth getting them more money from the Provincial budget instead to spend on people betterment and development at grass route level, said a economic doctor debating in electronic media.
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