2015 will not be the year of General Election in Pakistan but after operation clean up of Economic terrorism

Though The Election Tribunal in Pakistan has nullified the result of NA-125 & PP-155 due to unauthentic votes polled in these constituencies.

The winners of PML-N candidates had been challenged by PTI runners claiming massive rigging in General Election held in 2013 – After two years the verdict came where the Election Tribunal has ordered to conduct re-polling in both constituency because of tampering unearthed.

Moreover there are 50-60 constituencies either lying with Election Tribunal or in the Courts where the legitimacy of the polled votes have been challenged by PTI & other political groups – If the bags are opened and illegitimacy is proved then the status of the current assembly will be in rattling.

Besides, the story of 200 men hiring for printing extra ballot papers that had been arranged in Urdu Bazar Karachi before holding general election in 2013, PTI chairman Imran khan alleged.

Inclusion of such illegal printing or extra ballot papers printing made the election suspicious and compromised where the sanctity of election went controversial since then – however cross examination in the court pertaining this claim of PTI is under process to see the authenticity of the allegation, media reported.

In the meantime ‘’judicial commission’’ also has started its postmortem to check the petition filed by not only PTI but other 21 groups and individuals also have submitted the proof in support of their claims to nullify the election 2013 as it had not been conducted free, fair and transplant.

Proceeding however under the supervision of chief justice Supreme Court of Pakistan has been initiated – evidences brought by the parties in shape of relevant docs, video clips, snap shots, newspaper cuttings & editorial in addition to the physical witnesses – all are under screening in the Supreme Court to check the general election purity & transparency.

The verdict if comes in favor of ‘’re-election’’ in the country then it will not be held in 2015 unless the following mandatory services are ensured with the ultimate objective to cleanse the country from underdog syndromes.

The predatory leadership are in preying on masses, weakening and depriving of the basic rights of people – not delivering services or thinking for people betterment and advancement – for people progression and prosperity at grass root level – No micro and macro investment agenda towards infrastructure for the country and its people except signing Memorandum of understanding (MoU) & multiple contracts like Tube train instead to rectify the existing local and circular train running in Karachi and erecting power plants to curb over rising electricity shortfall in the country – a major curse for the current govt. who signed off to import LNG from state of Qatar & Coal imports from China for generating electricity all seems to have been ended in fiasco exposing the current scenario of PML-N.
PML-N since assuming its office in 2013 repeatedly visited Turkey & China for getting investment against multiple projects and a very rosy picture had been portrayed in print and electronic media but in practicality the nation does not see anything.

Similarly PPP govt. also signed off agreement with Iran during its tenure to get gas connection routing from Iran to Pakistan but same also went in cold storage – the nation still does not know the fate of that deal made by PPP Co chairman Asif Ali Zardari.

There are outnumbered ‘’MoUs and Contracts’’ signed off by PPP and PML-N but nothing exits in practical – a lot of ghost investment where the people had been fooled by both leadership – does it not lead to corruption?

A close observation that the state status either politically, economically, socially & legally have gone beyond control so proper treatment (at this juncture) have been imperative.

A serious observation among civil and military, maintained by a group of political analyst who are of the view that operation is the only solution to purify the state for pure political leadership to run the state sovereignty with purity for the land of pure i.e. Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The following chronic ailment and the compulsory tasks which had never been attended & kept aside to be addressed & implemented keeping the country business at proper track.

Held Accountability – the action of NAB to arrest the culprit and execute to clean the dust who has emptied the national treasury or undermined the current account of the country – looted national wealth and transferred in their personal account in overseas bank – unbridled corruption to be accounted for.

Election reform – technology oriented voting –e voting or Bio metric system to entail uncompromising, no-suspicious & uncontroversial Election in the country – a basic prescription of a democratic country where legislator is elected through legitimate voting system not by influence or abusing power of Returning officers as they corrupted election 2013 in the country.

Local Body Election across the country

Censorship in the country

De limitation across the provinces 

If the cited above remedies are undertaken in letter and spirit then we will have a real democracy in the country – the election will be uncontroversial – no NADRA – no ECP & no Courts will be dragged for authenticating election result as the nation witnessing since two years.
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