Living in Middle East & Living in the Home country

A myth dispels when we see a changed attitude of the same working class of people that leaves their country to job in Middle East. Or in Gulf Region, how they live like a respectable person who loves with Govt. and its people.

There are general impressions about the people working in Middle East/ Gulf Region that they become more loyal, honest, reliable, competent, enthusiastic, energetic, persuasive, lovers of business and office ethics, duty bound, good listener & result orientated while discharging their onerous responsibilities.

They work hard, they follow the rules and regulation imposed in the country like a good citizen they obey the law. They don’t tease women rather prove a chivalrous even if a single lady jogging at cornice, the lady is secured even if she is walking at 02 AM along the road or driving.

They follow the traffic rules, never breaks the traffic signals if passing at mid night, not spoiling, defacing and marring the city image, walls are not dubbed with graffiti, strictly following queue management if they are in the bank, at immigration counter not crossing the red strips on the floor, with patience standing for the turn.

If they are in medical center, in shopping malls or at any public and private services counters they maintain discipline, no fighting or using any thorny words against anyone, don’t disgrace anyone, talks politely & moves politely.

They walk on pedestrian rows & footpath, moving and maligning with families sensibly, not piling garbage before the house or dumping at any pocket space rather throwing in allocated dustbin, not cutting & breaking the trees without permission from municipality department, maintain the façade, parks and streets, public and private property is fully secured and protected.

Whether standing or sitting in a bus or in metro demonstrate like a matured & law abiding person, a well-polished conversation though standing along ladies maintaining respect and special care even though sitting next to lady.

No power and gas outage, no fuel crisis, no scarcity of water, no block sewage system, no stagnant water during down pour, a well-planned metropolitan city where govt. undertakes responsibility to keep their people happy and warm in whether vagaries. In winter season the park goers feel warm because there are heaters to keep the general public warm, how the govt. are so conscious for the welfare of the masses.

They study in foreign university in Middle East/ Gulf region but no-unionism, no clashes among students, no strikes of any sort hampering routine work flow, no taunting, teasing, unkind words or any stupidity for making fun, a very neat and clean educational institution without politics, attire in allowed dress code.

Keeping environment clean and avoid to spit or pollute, very careful and hygienic cautious, don’t urinate anywhere, no open confrontation, no slogan either in favor or against, no procession and protest of any kinds, no wrong parking or encroachment allocated for special.

In case of accident, within no time police spots the scene and amicable settlement happens, for any crime law enforcement agency rushes and legal proceeding moves forward. In case of fire breaks out advanced and well equipped vehicles takes over the site to extinguish, victims are transported with well secured ambulance stuffed with necessary live saving materials, if roads are blocked by any reason then copter is used to shift the fire victims.

All kind of business being run under license issued by the authority, special raids are carried out to ensure that business should work under approved boundary.

All hotels and restaurants are raided and physical checking of cooking room, material & staff are monitored and examined individually, if found guilty the business either closed on the spot, huge sum or imprisonment or both are pronounced by the govt. team.

Even the religious worship centers are controlled by the related ministry, on Friday; Mosques are given one topic which validates for all mosques running in the state. No preacher can repudiate or defy highlighting only one given subject.

Though the people who came to work in Gulf region live with multinationals yet live with pleasantly, harmony, well behaved and well-mannered, courteous and looks always law-prone.

However what have been highlighted above does not relate to an imaginary world but it exists in Arabian Peninsula where everything works systematically and everyone from ground to top level are the strict adherent and accountable before law.

But this mythology goes debunk when the same working class returns home.

The ‘reverse’ situation signifies that there is no law & govt. functionaries have been failed to handle rising lawlessness n in the country, lives and property are in-secured, killing are common, unlicensed ammunition has a free hand and no methodology been figured out to thwart growing mismanagement in the country.

There are rampant corruption, regular strike calls from political factions, transport strikes, CNG strikes, electricity and gas outages, soaring prices for necessities of lives, a callousness from the govt. to safe consumer products and other social evils have been the talk of the town and except expectation for good days we are unable to do anything unless govt. wakes up, enforce and execute strict law in the country

There is no ‘angel’ ruling in Arab world rather it’s a govt. ruling elites who maintains law and order in their countries they follow and get it followed by the countrymen.

People of Pakistan hope that In Sha Allah we will also have a pleasant Pakistan with good governance for 180 million of people a vibrant and dynamic hope from millions of mother who dreams for her children. A change and only change is the crying need of the day.
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Hi My name is Iqbal Hussain. And if you’re reading this then I guess you’re interested in learning all about me. I’m a blogger have been writing on gilded age politics dominated by corruption, as politicians took bribes and rewarded their supporters with posh government jobs. Elections had high turnout and extraordinarily close results, but neither major party pursued ambitious policies resulting the people of the country always remains vulnerable.

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