Baluchistan in trouble – 4th Day Sit-In in Quetta at Alamdar Road with 87 coffins (unburied body)

In protest of five consecutive bombs blast in Quetta on Thursday 10th Jan 2013 at two different Roads caused a complete disaster in the city. Thousands of extremely shocked people are sitting on the road in open sky in such a freezing minus 6 Celsius temperature, keeping 87 coffins on the road demanding Govt. to dissolve Baluchistan Govt. & hand over the city to Pakistan Army as existing provincial govt. has completely been failed to protect & secure the lives and property of the people. There is constant killing in Hazara and with a particular sect Shia community is on the rampage in Baluchistan said by the mourners.

The growing anger among Hazara group asking govt. why they are being targeted and govt. functionaries has left us on the mercy of mercenaries. Since the provincial govt. has proved its inability to control the massive terrorism in Quetta, has failed to rule the province and unable to do operation against terrorist and their hideout that has besieged the city & taken the inhabitants on hostage so better to leave its office.

We don’t trust in govt. our people are being killed every day, it’s carnage of a particular community said by the protesters and Shia Islamic leaders. We therefore demand dismissal of provincial govt. and to impose Governor Rule and the province needs to be handed over to Pakistan Army.

However MQM leadership went on Friday 11th Jan 2013 afternoon in Quetta and called upon all political parties to protest and keep their business shutdown, shared sympathy with the deceased of martyred of bomb explosion. 

Furthermore the govt. on Saturday 12th Jan 2013 in late afternoon woke up who were busy in abstaining Tahir-ul-Qadir’s long march call and all missionaries were busy to condone off the cities from Lahore to Islamabad and dismantelling of facilities.

The first Govt. officials Mr. Khurshid shah visited Quetta and with Baluchistan Governor they met with Qaumi Yakjehti council Quetta but the mourners were strict to their demand to dissolve the assembly and hand over the city to Army otherwise they would not called off the Sit-In and let the bodies unburied unless it is confirmed groaned one of the mourner.

Further Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) also arrived in Quetta & demanded the withdrawal of CM & Governor of Baluchistan & dissolution of Provincial assembly who has lost its trust among the people said by PTI leader. MQM (the coalition partner of PPP) and PTI both emphasized to ask resignation from Chief Minister of Baluchistan who is out of country probably in UK despite numerous contacts from Govt. officials, CM arrival is still unconfirmed.

However PM and Federal Minister for information both arrived late in afternoon in Quetta on 13th Jan 2013 and met with the PPP members in Baluchistan govt. The govt. still in consultation with Federal law minister to consider the demands of the mourners who is very strict and difficult to change.
The current scenario, that nationwide protests have been called upon, rallies, protests & demonstration in all provinces before the governor house and on the main road Sit-in across the country are continued. Shia Islamic associations, NGOs and civil societies have come out to the street.
In such a chilly days men and women are demonstrating their protest against Govt. apathy who still did not finalize the fate of 87 unburied bodies lying on the road in open sky with the mourners who will not move and bury the bodies until Govt. dissolve Baluchistan assembly and deploy army to control the city said Shia Islamic leaders sitting in Punjab & Sind.

The Sit-in protest in all the four districts of Karachi and outside of Bilawal House even demonstration is continuing, the distraught protesters are demanding the dissolution of Baluchistan and lodging their protest for Quetta carnage.

Chief Minister of Baluchistan is out of the country, it’s about 4th day. In order to conclude the sit-in strike in Quetta, coordination among PPP member in Baluchistan along with PM is continued but due to legal implication CM Baluchistan cannot be suspended as one month ago he obtained ‘vote of confidence’ so legally up to six month he can’t be suspended.

As far as Governor Rule announcement in the province and to handover the province to Army are under consideration said by Governor of Baluchistan. He also clarified that PPP is ruling the country so how PPP itself can impose Governor Rule in Baluchistan, however legal pros and cons are under discussion with federal minister of law he stated.

Besides, protestors also demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene and asked him that why he is silent and not taking suo-moto if he can take on the killing of one Shahzeb in Karachi – Is it not looking him that 87 unburied bodies lying on the road in Quetta for the last 4 days asked by Islamic Scholar in rallies.

The govt. is in dilemma that what to do? As there is severe internal strife in Quetta, long march of Tahir-ul-Qadri and tension at line of control, political analyst said. Nonetheless the political situation in the country needs to be attended first.

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