Assets declaration from Political parties contesting in forthcoming General Election 2013 in Pakistan

Detail of Assets being hold by Politicians contesting in forth coming election in 2013 has been declared by Election Commission of Pakistan giving an absurd & ludicrous picture where anyone who has even little sense can term it a fake and unbelievable.

Name of political parties
Declared assets
4 Lac 35 thousands
3 Crore 35 thousands
1 Crore 78 thousands
5 Crore 19 Lac
14 Lac 21 thousands
1 Crore 5 Lac
20 Lac 73 thousands

PPP & PML-N are the two big political groups in the country and their assets and corruption ratio is well known across the country. There is serious observation among the masses that why ECP does not do cross-check and living in fool paradise that whatever the politicians’ show them, ECP believes blindly and even does not return the paper.

Does the govt. machinery have any ‘check and balance’ or the data base has been tampered. And this is the reason that people do hate with them and believe in change said by one of the senior citizen watching national TV breaking news about the announcement of ‘assets declaration’ from ECP.

In the given list PPP has been shown with much reduced figure, we know well about PPP and PML-N that they are the custodian of multiple palaces, chain of plots and apartments, agriculture lands & industries, vehicle, Gold, silver, jewels, multiple Bank accounts in Pakistan and Overseas and how brazenly and shamelessly the actual amount or value of assets have been kept hidden from the eyes of govt. of Pakistan and its people who elect them to rule the country and treating them a crusader who will care for the betterment and advancement of the down trodden people of the country.

Eventually the poor segments go poorer and rich goes richer, the vicious cycle of poverty remains spiral and it never stops, if we have corrupted leadership, disloyal and dishonest ruler then how the condition of people and economy can thrive and prosper in the country said by a group of students at national forum.

It remind us the NABs disclosure that every passing day (in the country) there is Rs.12.0 billion of amount are misappropriated in terms of stealing income tax, property tax, withholding tax, agricultural and industrial tax, Zakat on fertile and barren land and on other valuables are not paid as mandated in Quran and in our constitution.

What a mockery that we call ourselves a Muslim and vociferate that Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and we are governing the state on Islamic pattern with democratic set up.

It’s really economic terrorism where our leadership is not sincere and undermining with the state and its sovereignty perpetrating the crime and if aristocracy breaking the law, avoiding tax payments whereas salary classes is regularly paying taxes so how trust-building can flourish in the country said by the leaders of 3rd political forces emerging in the country.
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